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Rise of An Unavoidable Dailt Voice: A Review of Suraj Yengde’s Caste Matters

Madhumita Mondal

All About Ambedkar: A Journal on Theory and Praxis, Volume 2, Issue 1, January-April, 2021, 47-51



This reviews explains how Yengde’s Caste Matters scans the limitations of Dalit movements and scholarships in India only to provide an idea of possible ways for Dalit liberation and how like most Dalit literary works, this book too falls prey to the criticism of lack of merit for its supposed structural incoherence. The reviewer argues that Yengde's fusion of theorisation with personal narratives is not foreign if seen in the context of Dalit studies (or any other theory that deals with oppressed voices like Holocaust, Black lives, Feminism or Queer studies) as what else can be better ground to develop theory about Dalits than their testimonies and personal narratives.

Madhumita Mondal is an M.Phil scholar at Diamond Harbour Women's University. Her areas of interest include Dalit studies, Women's travel narratives, and Bengali folklores.



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