Dr. Mahitosh Mandal

Assistant Professor, Department of English, Presidency University, Kolkata, India

Email: mahitosh.eng@presiuniv.ac.in

Board of Editors​

Priyanka Das

Assistant Professor, Department of English, Presidency University, Kolkata, India

Email: priyanka.eng@presiuniv.ac.in

Dr. Karthick Ram Manoharan

Marie Sklodowska Curie Research Fellow at the University of Wolverhampton, United Kingdom

Email: karthickjnu@gmail.com

Pinak Banik

Former Faculty, Sristi Institute of Art, Design and Technology, India

Currently, PhD scholar, Ashoka University, India

Email: pinak.banik_phd19@ashoka.edu.in

Rajat Roy

Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Presidency University, Kolkata, India

Email: rajat.polsc@presiuniv.ac.in​​

Dr. Rup Kumar Barman

Professor, Department of History, Jadavpur University, India

Email: rkbarman@history.jdvu.ac.in

Dr. Raj Kumar

Professor, Department of English, University of Delhi, India

Email: bedamatiraj@yahoo.co.in

Dr. Nandini Saha

Professor, Department of English, Jadavpur University, India

Email: nsaha@english.jdvu.ac.in

Dr. Luis Cabrera

Associate Professor, School of Governance and International Relations, Griffith University, Australia

Dr. Ujjwal Jana

Associate Professor, Department of English, Pondicherry University, India

Email: ujjwal.eng@pondiuni.edu.in

Dr. Chinnaiah Jangam

Associate Professor, Department of History, Carleton University, Canada

Email: chinnaiah.jangam@carleton.ca

Dr. B. Mangalam

Assosiate Professor of English, Aryabhatta College, University of Delhi, India

Email: b.mangalam@aryabhattacollege.ac.in

Dr. Maroona Murmu

Associate Professor of History, Jadavpur University, India

Email: maroona.murmu@jadavpuruniversity.in

Dhiraj Barman

Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, Presidency University, Kolkata, India

Email: dhiraj.geog@presiuniv.ac.in

Dr. Niladri Roy

Assistant Professor of Performance Studies, Presidency University, Kolkata, India

Email: niladri.dpa@presiuniv.ac.in

Arijeet Mandal

Assistant Professor, Department of Film Studies, Jadavpur University, India

Email: arijeet.mandal@jadavpuruniversity.in



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