Guidelines for Authors

Publication Frequency: All About Ambedkar publishes three issues per year, comprising both special issues and general issues. In both cases, it follows continuous mode of publication, that is, articles are published as soon as the final drafts are accepted.

Call for Papers (CFP): All About Ambedkar publishes CFP for both its general and special issues. Prospective contributors are advised to go through the scope of the journal as well as the current CFP before submitting their manuscripts.

Citation: All About Ambedkar follows the style of citation recommended by the Modern Language Association (MLA). Manuscripts for the journal have to be prepared in accordance with the eighth edition of the MLA handbook. Basic MLA guidelines are to be found at Purdue Online Writing Lab.

Peer Review Process: Every submission at All About Ambedkar is first read by the founding editor and run through plagiarism-checking software. If the submission is found original, previously unpublished and suitable for the journal, it is then sent for blind peer review. This means that the reviewers receive anonymous drafts and do not, in any way, get to know the identity of the authors. This rule applies to every contributor even if s/he is a member of the editorial board. The opinions of the reviewers, once received, are conveyed to the authors and in most of the cases revisions are sought. If the revisions are satisfactory, the article is then processed for publication. Decisions about the articles are finalized and conveyed to the contributors in less than a month from the date of submission.

Sponsorship: All About Ambedkar is an autonomous body and is not funded by any agency or institution. The journal is a labor of love. The publishing team, the editorial team, the reviewers and other stakeholders offer their services voluntarily. The small fees required for web hosting are arranged by the founding editor on his own.


Publication charges: All About Ambedkar does not charge any publication fees from its contributors. We are categorically opposed to the idea of charging fees from authors and strongly condemn any such malpractice.

Payment to the contributors: All About Ambedkar is a voluntary, non-profit, non-commercial journal. As such, it does not pay any fees to its contributors.