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Ambedkar and the Literature of Brahminism: Understanding the Historicity of Sacred Texts

Dwaita Mondal

All About Ambedkar: A Journal on Theory and Praxis, Volume 1, Issue 1, September-December, 2020, 57-63



This paper studies Ambedkar’s important but incomplete text “Literature of Brahminism.” It explains how he divided the Brahminical literarture into six groups and investigates the reasons for the decline of Buddhism and the advent of the Sacred Literature of the Hindus came in the aftermath of the political triumph of Pushyamitra. Ambedkar’s arguments regarding interpolations and transformations of such literatures due to political history are also discussed.

Dwaita Mondal studies English Literature at Presidency University, Kolkata. Her research interests include Romanticism, Feminism, and Hyperrealism in Art.



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