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A Bibliography of English Language Books on Ambedkar

Mahitosh Mandal


Jacques Derrida famously claimed, quoting Montaigne, “We need to interpret interpretations more than to interpret things.” While exploring the interpretations of Ambedkar’s works, somewhat on a Derridean line, my preliminary finding was that Ambedkar has remarkably been neglected in the broader hermeneutic context of our time. But that is only a half-truth, perhaps! As I embarked on a journey of compiling a comprehensive Ambedkar bibliography, I was struck by the sheer amount of research already done on Ambedkar. There are hundreds of books and articles and scores of dissertations, theses and conference proceedings already in existence! Not all these works engage in an objective assessment of Ambedkar, if there is such a thing called “objective assessment” – some of them, in my view, quite obviously misappropriate him. But, as we know, every interpretation is political and the task is to question whose interests it serves.

Any aspiring researcher of our time, myself included, must acquaint oneself with this already existing body of “secondary” literature, although I dislike the term “secondary.” I was truly astonished to discover a scholar like D. C. Ahir, who allegedly had written around 72 books related to Ambedkar and caste politics. And when it comes to popular topics like Gandhi/Ambedkar debate – scores of book chapters and articles have already been written about such issues. My point is, while many aspects of Ambedkar’s works are still waiting to be discovered and critiqued, there is a fair amount of research already accomplished. I firmly believe that if Ambedkar gets the academic attention he deserves, the annual publications on him would exponentially increase.

The present bibliography on Dr. Ambedkar has at least two limitations. First, I have enlisted only the English language works. Second, I have tried to make the bibliography as thorough as possible, but on some occasions I have used my discretion in choosing the titles while on other occasions, I could not trace all the details of some of the titles, and hence, could not enlist them.

For the compilation of the bibliography, I have exhaustively used the free online catalogues of the British Library of the UK, the National Library of Australia, the National Digital Library of India, and the National Library of India. I have also explored Google Books and various websites for e-commerce to keep the bibliography as up-to-date as possible. However, I do not claim to have prepared a “complete” bibliography.

I wish the bibliography contributes in some way or the other in taking Ambedkar studies forward.


English Language Books on Ambedkar: An Alphabetical Bibliography


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Author Information

Dr. Mahitosh Mandal is an Assistant Professor of English at Presidency University, Kolkata. He is the author of the book Jacques Lacan: From Clinic to Culture (Orient BlackSwan, 2018). His areas of interest include Dalit studies, Lacanian psychoanalysis, and Holocaust studies.



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