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Evils of Untouchability and the Question of Dalit Liberation: Revisiting “Mahad Satyagraha”

Srijani Purkait

All About Ambedkar: A Journal on Theory and Praxis , Volume 1, Issue 1, September-December, 2020, 34-42



This paper argues, through and analysis of “Mahad Satyagraha” and “Annihilation of Caste," how Ambedkar demonstrates the presence of the evils of untouchability in Indian society as faced by the Dalits almost at every stage of their lives. It explains how he gave a clarion call for social revolution and for absolute removal of untouchability, being fully aware of the fact that the course of people’s revolution is determined by the people in power. It explicates Ambedkar’s strategies to annihilate caste and reflects on the unfortunate continuation of casteism. Even today when our county has reached sky heights of success, some of the evils still are ingrained in Hindu society, with hostility still being meted out to the lower castes in some provinces, thereby causing a hindrance to the emancipation of the society for the greater good.

Srijani Purkait has recently completed M. A. in English and Cultural Studies from Vidyasagar University, West Bengal. Her areas of interest include Dalit and Diasporic Literature.



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