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Six Latest Titles on Ambedkar and Dalit Studies

Mahitosh Mandal

All About Ambedkar: A Journal on Theory and Praxis, Volume 1, Issue 1, September-December, 2020, 72-76



In recent years, we have been witnessing a proliferation of English-language books related to Dalit Studies in general and Dr B R Ambedkar in particular. So much so that, for the benefit of the academic world, a frequent survey of the newly published books has become imperative. With this objective in mind, this article offers a short survey of some of the latest titles published in early 2020. Overall, these books make a crucial contribution to the field and need to be brought to the immediate attention not only of the experts but also the general reading public.

Dr. Mahitosh Mandal is an Assistant Professor of English at Presidency University, Kolkata. He is the author of the book Jacques Lacan: From Clinic to Culture (Orient BlackSwan, 2018). His areas of interest include Dalit studies, Lacanian psychoanalysis, and Holocaust studies.



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