Call for Papers

All About Ambedkar: A Journal on Theory and Praxis, launched in 2020, is an online journal dedicated to closely reading Dr. B. R. Ambedkar’s texts and critiquing caste and leftist politics.


For its upcoming general issue, the journal invites original and previously unpublished articles on the following topics.

​1. Critical reading of Ambedkar’s texts

2. Reviews of recent books on Ambedkar and Caste Studies

3. Analysis of caste-related discrimination and violence

4. Exploration of the theme of caste in literature, cinema, music, painting, photography and social media

5. Reflections on caste and contemporary Indian politics

6. Exploring the intersectionality of caste, class, gender, race, and religion.

7. Rethinking leftist politics

8. Interviews with anti-caste activists and intellectuals

Word limit: 2000-5000 words. However, in special cases where it becomes absolutely necessary to cross the word limit to develop an argument in a substantial manner, the given limit will be ignored. 

Style of Citation: MLA (8th edition)

Deadline of submission: 20 September 2021

Email your submissions at

For queries, write to Dr. Mahitosh Mandal, Chief Editor, at